Release Form:
  • All players must complete our release form before competing.
  • Download the release form here, print, complete, and turn it in as you check in for play.
  • Forms will be available at check in as well.
  • Registration will be $160 per team
  • Open Competitive Gold:
    The top-tier of competitive play for those who really want to test their mettle. Recommended for men and women with many years of experience and high levels of physical fitness.
  • Open Competitive Silver:
    An eclectic division for players who want to compete, but may play more infrequently or not be in tip-top shape. Teams often include a wide range of individuals, from moms and dads with a competitive edge, hobbyists, and high-school level players.
  • Open Competitive Bronze:
    The lowest level open competitive division, mainly consisting of high-school level boys and girls older than 13.
  • Open Fun:
    A chance for players all ages and skills levels to come out and have a good time. This division is non-competitive, and so game scores will not be posted. Open Fun division plays only on Saturday. Fun Division teams are guaranteed only 2 games, due to expected high volume of teams.
  • Under-12, 10, and 8 years (U12, U10, U8):
    For boys and girls under 12, 10, and 8 years of age, respectively. These divisions are set up with a competitive tournament structure, but the main goal is always to have fun and enjoy the game. Date of birth will be requested to validate eligibility. View the age bracket qualification sheet here.