NEW for 2018:

  • If a player or coach is disqualified, they cannot play or coach for the remainder of the tournament. For example, if a team Sally coaches is disqualified for any reason, Sally can no longer coach or play for the remainder of the tournament.
  • If a team is disqualified two years in a row, they can no longer participate in the tournament.
  • Silver and Gold teams may have only their rostered players on the team side of the field during games.
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze teams must show an ID to obtain their wristband prior to play.

Below is the full compliment of tournament rules, including rules of play and regulations…

Registration, Check-In, & Procedures


All checks made out to “5-A-Side”.


Details to be announced.


Each team may have as many as 10 players on it’s roster (U8 and U10 teams can have 12 players). A player can only play on one team in the tournament. No changes or additions will be allowed after May 24th at 12pm noon.


Each player must have a valid form of I.D. (Drivers License, Player Card, Green Card, etc.)

Release Form:

All players must complete our release form before competing. Download the release form here, print, complete, and turn it in as you check in for play. Forms will be available at check in as well.


All players are required to wear wristbands. They will be provided by the tournament and issued at the check-in booth on Saturday morning before the team’s first game. No player will be allowed to play without one.

If it comes off during the game, the player must substitute out and see the Field Coordinator for another. If the wristband comes off Saturday night after the games, the player must bring the old wristband and their ID to the check-in booth again Sunday morning before being allowed to play. The wristband cannot be removed until after the player’s last game of the weekend. Any player caught playing illegally will be banned from all future tournaments. Any team caught using an illegal player will forfeit all games.

Age Brackets:

USYSA Registration ages will be used for U8, U10, and U12 divisions. For Silver and Gold Divisions, a player must be a current high school freshman or older.

View the age bracket qualification sheet here.

Number of Games:

Minimum of 3 games. First day pool play, with top four in each advancing to Sunday’s single elimination play.


Tournament officials will have pinneys available in case of conflicting jerseys.


All players and fans are to remain behind the 2nd line. Violations may result in a point awarded to other team. Teams will gather on the inside of fields, all spectators will gather on the outside of the fields.


Each team is required to have a ball shagger for each game. Identify a ball shagger to the field marshal before the start of each game.

Determining Game Winners:

The top four teams from each division will advance to Sunday play. The following point system will be used to determine the top four teams from each division: Win = 2 pts, Tie = 1 pt, Loss = 0 pts.

Ties will be broken as follows:
  1. Head to Head
  2. Goal Differences (goals for – goals against)
  3. Goals For
  4. Number of Shutouts
  5. Coin Toss
Sunday, Knock-Out Competition:

All Sunday games must have a winner. Winner in a drawn match will be determined by:

  1. A maximum of two overtime periods.
  2. Each period to be a maximum of 5 minutes.
  3. If still tied at the end of overtime, the winner will be determined by taking of kicks from the penalty-mark.

Rules of Play…

Tournament to be Played by FIFA Rules with the following exceptions…

Number of Players:

A match shall be played by two teams each consisting of not more than 5 players except the U12, U14 and Fun divisions may have 6 players, and U8 / U10 divisions may have 7 players, one of which shall be the goalkeeper. A team may have 5 substitutes except the U12, U14 and Fun divisions which may have 4. The names of all players and substitutes must be given to the referee prior to the commencement of the match.

Length of Games:

The duration of the game shall be two equal periods of 10 minutes with no stoppage time (injury time). No half time interval.

Start of Play:

Home team will have choice of ends and choice of jersey. Visitors shall kick-off the first half. The home team shall kick-off the second half. The kick-off may be taken in any direction.

Shin Guards:

Shin guards are MANDATORY.

Team Area:

Teams shall occupy the designated area during their competition.


Referee’s decisions are final. All games are final, no protests will be accepted.


Referee has the responsibility of starting the game on time. Any team failing to field at least 3 players at game time shall forfeit the game. Score will stand 1-0. Fighting by a team will result in disqualification from the tournament and the team will forfeit all remaining games.


A player receiving a caution will be required to leave the field for 2 minutes and his team will play a man down for 2 minutes, unless opposing team scores during that time. Then the player may return sooner. Any individual receiving a red card will be required to sit out the remainder of that game and the next game. The team of the player receiving the red card will play down a man for the remainder of the game. A player receiving a red card is not allowed to stand or sit along the touch lines or goal lines.

Sliding / Slide Tackles:

NO sliding will be allowed. The only exception is the goalkeeper in his own penalty area may use a sliding tackle. A sliding tackle is defined as a maneuver in which one or both feet slide on the ground in an attempt to tackle the ball. Any player other that the goalkeeper who commits a sliding tackle shall sit out for 2 minutes and his/her team shall play down a player, unless opposing team scores during that time. No card will be given for a sliding tackle.


Goals scored by females will be counted as 2 goals. EXCEPT for Penalty Kicks which will be counted as 1 point for both male and females.

Denying a Goal-Scoring Opportunity:

If a player who is not the goalie blocks a goal scoring opportunity by being inside the goalie box behind the goal keeper, a penalty kick is awarded to the opposing team and that team has to sit that player for 2 minutes.

Corner Kicks:

Corner kicks shall be taken from the area on the playing field designated for that purpose. Corner kicks are direct kicks (a goal can be scored directly from kick).


No throw-in. A kick-in will replace the throw-in. A kick-in is an indirect free kick (a goal can not be scored directly from a kick-in).


There will be NO penalty for offsides. Players being offside is allowed.

Goal Area:

Only the goalkeeper is allowed in his goal area. Violation of the goal area will result in an indirect free-kick to the opposing team. A free kick awarded to the attacking team for this violation shall be taken from the part of the penalty-area line which runs parallel to the goal-line, at the point nearest to where the offense was committed.

Free Kicks:

All opposing players shall be 5 yards from the ball.


Either team may substitute at any time. Substitutes will enter the field at the half line after getting the field marshall’s approval. A player with a bleeding wound must leave the field until the wound is treated and he has obtained the field marshall’s approval to continue. A substitution may be made for a bleeding player. It is a cautionable offense to have more than the maximum allowable players on the field at one time.

Drop Balls:

Situations normally requiring a dropped ball will be awarded as indirect free kicks given alternately to the teams. The first drop ball will be awarded to the visiting team.


No punting allowed, except for U8 / U10 Goalies.

Field Layout:

The fields will be 50 yards x 70 yards with full size goals.